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Meet The Backwards

Meet The Backwards

Two pop songs Please Please Me' and 'From Me To You , which were #1 hits in both US and UK, Backwards recorded together with Love Me Do. During recordings, a harmonica model Hohner-270 was played by Dali. Close and very authentic sound was created.


 Please Please Me play preview[191 kB] play song [2,29 MB]
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Four by The Backwards Four by The BACKWARDS
Four by The Backwards is an EP recorded in SoNo Studio Prague during recording sessions in May 2002. All the recordings were caprtured on a 24 track analog machine. Original equipment, such as Ludwig drumset, Höfner bass, both Gretsches and Gibson J160E were used as well.
 Roll Over Beethoven play preview[169 kB] play song [2,43 MB]
 Love Me Do play preview[166 kB] play song [2,08 MB]
 Can't Buy Me Love play preview[125 kB] play song [1,91 MB]
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I Want To Hold Your Hand I Want To Hold Your Hand
The songs 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and 'I Saw Her Standing There' were released on a regular 45 vinyl in 1964. IWTHYH had hit the top of the charts prior to The Beatles `64 arrival. This first #1 hit for the group was also performed on the infamous Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.
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