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Welcome 2014...celebrating 18! years of THE BACKWARDS!

It's our anniversary! 

It all started in a far corner of the Slovak Republic in a a beautiful city called Kosice.

The year was 1996 (six years after the fall of The Berlin Wall). Two young men who were best friends and had grown up together on the same street very near the cultural center of this town, decided to express their gratitude to the most popular rock band of all human history.

Dalibor Stroncer and Miroslav Dzunko (John and Paul, respectively) both budding musicians themselves, began to emulate and interpret the music and songs of The Beatles. It quickly became the main area of their musical interest and performance. They added a George (Frantisek Suchansky) and a Ringo (Daniel Skorvaga). The rest they say, is HISTORY!

In just a FEW short years, they are now internationally known on two continents, stretching from Kosice across Europe, The Atlantic Ocean and across America all the way to Los Angeles, California! 

  • Over 3000 LIVE performances (France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, The United Kingdom, The Czech Republic, The Slovak Republic, The United States of America (24 states and The District of Columbia)
  • International TV programs and radio shows     
  • Numerous interviews and articles in magazines and newspapers
  • Full theatrical productions (with FULL orchestras performing Sgt. Pepper's) in Prague and Ostrava,Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Winners of The Festival for Beatles Fans Battle of the Beatles Bands in New York City in 1998 and 2003
  • Opening act for Little Richard at The International Children's Olympic Games (Cleveland,Ohio,2004)
  • Abbey Road on the River (Cleveland, Ohio 2004)
  • Abbey Road on the River (Louisville, Kentucky 2005)
  • HEADLINING AROTR 2006 (Louisville,Kentucky)
  • HEADLINING AROTR 2007 (Louisville,Kentucky)
  • 4 CAVERN CLUB performances 2007
  • guests at BBC "Billy Butler show"
  • HEADLINING AROTR 2009 (Louisville,Kentucky) with "a Journey back to The Beatles
  • HEADLINING AROTR 2011 (Louisville,Kentucky)
  • New theatrical production: "The Beatles Legend" starting Fall 2012

THE BACKWARDS aren't just a cover band, THEY ARE "THE BAND" with the most complete and best Beatles sound,note for note, with no liberties or poetic license taken with the music at all. They treat the Beatles music with the same respect and reverence that a classical conductor recreates the works of famous composers.

It's all in the DETAILS, and they are "THE BAND" with the details (wardrobe, style, equipment all the way down to a lefty!) Sold out performances and rave reviews on two continents attest to these facts.

Louise Harrison, sister of the late George Harrison has seen The Backwards perform twice. Her first performance was The Beatlefest in NYC in 1998. She met the boys and with tears in her eyes she said,"After 30 years I have again heard the sound of The Beatles."

Her second opportunity was AROTR in Louisville in 2005. She danced during their performance in the Kentucky Center for The Performing Arts AND EVEN praised the wonder of THE BACKWARDS during her speech about her experiences with the Beatles to a packed concert hall of die-hard Beatles fans at The Kentucky Center.

There are lots of good cover bands, but if you want to see the heart and soul of The Beatles, you better see THE BACKWARDS! Grab a "TICKET TO RIDE" and keep your eyes on THE BACKWARDS during our anniversary year, 'cause "FOLKS, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!"

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