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Fero as GEORGE
GEORGE - Frantisek Suchansky (Fero) "GEORGE" - Frantisek Suchansky (Fero)
bass guitar, vocal

Born: 07.20.1980
Sign: Cancer Cancer
Most favourite song of The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun
Not from The Beatles: Handle With Care - Traveling Wilburys
Favourite colour: black
Favourite food: pork, cabbage and bread dumplings

Fero joined the group in the autumn of 1997. Prior to that, he was attending a basic music school studying the clarinet and piano. His musical career started by performing in the Youth Orchestra of Kosice. His family background is fully musical. His father is a music teacher, his sister is a cello player and his brother is a drummer. His mother keeps a pair of earplugs close by! Fero`s interest in The Beatles began at the age of fourteen. He was an avid listener of The Beatles. (A footnote of interest: Prior to 1989, The Beatles music was banned by the state. It was considered to be decadent Western influence. In order to hear The Beatles music, you listened illegally to the BBC or Radio Free Europe, or to pirated copies smuggled in from the West. To be a Beatles fan of any age, carried a certain amount of risk to your personal security.)

In 1997, Fero heard his first Backwards concert in "Dom Umenia" (The House of Arts) in his hometown of Kosice. He was so excited and fascinated by their performance, he swore that he would become a member of the band. He did in a matter of months! The Beatle that "spoke" to Fero was the "quiet Beatle," George Harrison. He`s now The Backwards` "quiet Beatle" playing lead guitar…anything but quiet! His taste in music is pretty one-dimensional, George Harrison`s solo work and the music of the sixties, a decade dominated by The Beatles.

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