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Mimi as PAUL
PAUL - Miro Dzunko (Mimi) "PAUL" - Miro Dzunko (Mimi)
bass guitar, vocals

Born: 06.08.1978
Sign: Gemini Gemini
Most favourite song of The Beatles: Here There and Everywhere
Not from The Beatles: How Deep Is Your Love - BeeGees
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite food: Chineese food

The second founding member of The Backwards is Mimi. He is a lifelong friend and neighbour of Dali, living within a block of him on the same street. Mimi`s musical career started at the age of two. Even though he was too young to play music, he received a small acoustic guitar from his father, a musician himself. It was stored in his closet (out of sight out of mind), until a school mate showed him some chords and taught him how to play it at the age of sixteen. Mimi was reared in a family where music was a daily "meal" and The Beatles were always the "main dish." Believe it or not, during family gatherings, The Beatles music was always playing.

After forming a duo with Dali, Mimi's rich, resonant and melodic voice led to a natural imitation of his hero Paul McCartney. Mimi also has quite a striking physical resemblance to Paul. With John (Dali) and Paul (Mimi) in place in their duo, it was a natural progression to find George (Fero) and Ringo (Dano). One of Mimi`s hobbies is to collect Paul McCartney & Wings CDs, tapes and records. He also plays the bass and solo guitars, and like Dali, he plays around with the piano. Outside of his "Backwards" family, Mimi also has a flourishing solo career.

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