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Dano as RINGO
RINGO - Daniel Skorvaga (Dano) "RINGO" - Daniel Skorvaga (Dano)
drums, vocals

Born: 05.09.1976
Sign: Taurus Taurus
Most favourite song of The Beatles: Ticket To Ride
Not from The Beatles: Englishman in NY - Sting
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite food: Sushi

Daniel (Dano) is the only non-Slovak member of the band. He is Czech and comes from the town of Teplice, near the "Pearl of Europe," Prague. He started to play the cello at the age of seven. At the age of twelve, his interest in the cello waned and he switched to drums. It was a quite a strange switch, from strings to percussion. His immediate attraction and talent for the drums led him to a basic school to study playing the drums.

At the age of eighteen, he left Teplice and moved to Prague. There he became a full-time drummer on the local club scene. Dano quickly showed his skill and natural talent for playing the drums, which quickly became apparent to anyone in the know in the music scene of Prague. He showed his versatility by easily playing with Blues, Jazz and Big Beat bands. Daniel enjoyed a successful six year career on the band circuit in Prague. In the autumn of 2002, the "Pete Best" of The Backwards lost out to a drummin` "Starr," Dano! His musical idols are Manu Katche and Vinnie Colaiuta. Ever heard of them before?

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