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Epiphone Casino
Epiphone "Revolution" Casino
This "clone" is used in most of the late material. It brings a really irretrievable sound, so Come Together and Get Back sound exactly the same.
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Epiphone "Revolution" Casino

In the spring of 1966, George and John bought new electric guitars by Epiphone. The reason was their desire to experiment with some new sounds. To tell the truth, they were inspired by Paul, who thankfully as a result of John Mayall`s advice, bought a Casino model ES-230TD almost a year and a half before. Suddenly, all three Beatles were equipped with the same guitars at one time. Paul had an older version with a different sunburst colour. George had the same guitar, but had a Bigsby B-7 vibrato arm installed. John and George had a set of golden knobs on it too. The playability of such an instrument is on a very high level.

The guitar provides a long sustain, also the quality of US made P-90 pickups lets you achieve a wonderful tone. It was mostly John who used the Casino during the majority of the recording sessions. After returning from India in 1968, John stripped the varnish off his instrument. He was immediately followed by Paul with his Rickenbacker bass and George with his Casino, who did the same thing.

The guitar you see in the picture, is the one from a limited edition of John Lennon`s Revolution Casino issue. Only 1,965 pieces were made and ours is the 833rd issued in the order they were made. This "clone" is always played in songs from the Abbey Road and Let It Be era. Believe it or not, this "soundkiller" is "top of the line" in reproducing the sound you know from hits like Come Together, Get Back and others.

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