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Fender Rosewood
Fender Rosewood Telecaster
Like the original, our instrument has a mid-high tone, with a perfect neck and overall great playability...
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Fender Rosewood Telecaster

At the start of 1969, the Fender company supplied George Harrison with a prototype of a newly issued Telecaster series in rosewood. The goal was to let George help with introducing this new product by using it on new Beatles recordings. The pressure to finish this instrument was extremely high, because the company wanted the new Rosewood Telecaster to debut in the upcoming filming of the movie Let It Be. The guitar travelled across the Atlantic in a first class seat and was delivered to the Apple Corporation headquarters by a special carrier.

George`s experimentation with some new types of sound can be heard on the whole single Let It Be track. His Telecaster was played through a Leslie model 174RV as well. On the 30th of January, 1969, this "axe" was used in the last public, unexpected "Roof-Top" concert. Like the original piece, even our guitar has mid-treble tone. The neck might surprise every musician by its wonderful shape. The only negative comment we would make is on its weight - too heavy.


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