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Gibson J160E
Gibson J160E
Since the 11th of September 1962, this "Jumbo" was used during many Beatles recordings and during their live performances as well...
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Gibson J160E

During the Beatles visit to Hamburg, Tony Sheridan`s guitars made a big impression on both John and George. Those acoustic guitars made by Martin, model D-28E and Gibson ES-175, made such an impression that the first thing they got after their return from Germany was two brand new Gibson J160Es. This model was issued in early 1954 and it was a hybrid between a flat-top acoustic and a P-90 equipped electric guitar.

Because the J160E was not a regular model distributed in the UK market, it had to be preordered directly from the US factory through the infamous Rushworth`s Music Store in Liverpool. Since the 11th of September, 1962, this so called "Jumbo" became one of the most often used instruments on every LP from then on. If you look carefully at the pictures from the period of the "live touring" days, you easily spot it in the pictures, lying somewhere near the amplifiers and is being used as a backup guitar.

Incidentally, John`s guitar was stolen during the 1963 Christmas Show in Finsbury Park. After several months, an identical replacement was purchased. The only difference between the old one and the new one, was the binding around the soundhole. This guitar was used in countless recording sessions and the famous I Feel Fine intro was recorded on it as well.

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