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Gretsch 6122
Gretsch 6122 'Chet Atkins' Country Gentleman
According to serial number 57xxx (with text "Made in U.S.A." raised on the side of the headstock) this guitar was made in May of 1967.
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Gretsch 6122
"Chet Atkins"
Country Gentleman

Try to remember the characteristic sound of George`s guitar in such pieces like It Won`t Be Long, All My Loving and Roll Over Beethoven. This is the second instrument by the Gretsch company purchased by G.Harrison. George bought this guitar in the summer of 1963. Prior to that, a Gretsch Duo Jet model 6128 ( made in `58) was in his possession.

The first time the Gretsch Country Gentleman appeared on a record, was during the recording of the famous With The Beatles LP. George had two similar Country Gentlemans. The first Country Gentleman was in extremely bad condition after their Swedish tour. Bob Adams, of Sound City London, brought a second Country Gentleman with a flip-up string muting system as a replacement. This guitar appears in The Royal Command Performance in the Princess of Whales Theatre.

In the picture is the same model as George`s second Country Gentleman. The flip-up mechanism was rarely used or not at all. The authentic sound is provided by two double coil Filter`Tron pickups. The back of the body of the guitar has a leather shielding which covers a round hole that allows for better servicing of inner electronics.

Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman
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