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Ludwig - `65 Black Oyster Pearl
Ludwig - `65 Black Oyster Pearl
This drumset was made in 1965…
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Ludwig - `65 Black Oyster Pearl

Several drumsets were owned by Ringo during his career with The Beatles. In the beginning, he owned a small Premiere drum set. After their first successes started to appear in 1963, Brian secured a new 20" Ludwig drum set. The first two drumsets were with 20" bass drums. In the picture, you see a set made in 1965. The drumset is in a Black Oyster colour : 22" bass drum, 13" rack tom, 16" floor tom and a 14" wooden Jazz Festival Snare. Our overall hardware matches Ringo`s and was also made in the 60s.

To achieve 100% resemblance to Ringo`s drum set, we also exchanged the original Ludwig mount system with a Rogers Swiv-o-Matic drum mount arm. It achieves better flexibility and adjustment for assembly and deassembly. That is no doubt why Ringo let Mal Evans make the same change . In the early 60s, there was no specified thickness for drum skins. We decided to use medium size drum skins (you get the closest Beatles drum sound). Many drummers reading this paragraph might be interested in cymbals as well.

In some of the first songs recorded by The Beatles, the sound of a pair of old Paiste (Switzerland) cymbals appear. Prior to that, Ringo was probably using old Premier Super Zyns, because it was the cheapest choice. After their successful return from the USA, Ringo definitely stuck to Turkish Zildjians as the best configuration completing the sound of his Ludwig drum set. Zildjian`s are wide open and their "bright and splashy" sound truly make a perfect combination.

We should mention a story of our painstaking "hunt" for a small, metal spare part called "the WFL Anchor". When we tried to add to our vintage set that original piece, it was almost impossible to find. Finally, we got lucky and bought it after almost a half year`s search. Our group also uses a Ludwig Blue Oyster "Hollywood Set" as backup. Most of the time it`s in storage because its value as a collector`s item is quite high. The interior of the snare drum was personally autographed by Mr. W. F. Ludwig, himself.

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