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Rickenbacker 325v59
Rickenbacker 325v59

For a better comparison of our guitar with John's, we advise you to look at page 119 in the Anthology book.
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Rickenbacker 325v59

This guitar was one of John`s most favourite. He bought it in a maple colour, but in 1962 it was painted black. In those days, model 325 was quite unpopular among US and European guitar players in the Rickenbacker model line. This guitar was on display in several guitar shows for two years until it ended up, for "ratenzahlung - leasing," in John`s hands. This little guitar has only a 3 scale neck so it`s obvious that she`s ideal for playing Rock`n Roll music.

Before our guitar was shipped to Slovakia, we had to make some "prior preparation". First of all, we bought the necessary "Burn knobs", a special "Bow-tie bridge" and very hard to find original "Grover openback tuners" made in 1959. As a matter of fact, the Rickenbacker company issued a similar model, but not the same, so we had to make some further modifications - "plastic surgeries". After a certain amount of time spent improving the shape of the headstock and making a new pickguard, the guitar was satisfactory for our purposes.

The instrument you see in the picture represents John`s real guitar sometime around the infamous `64 Ed Sullivan Show. Special roundwound strings, which provide a special sound, are also still in use.

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