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Rickenbacker 325v63
Rickenbacker 325v63

For a better comparison of our guitar with John's, we advise you to look at page 119 in the Anthology book.
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Rickenbacker 325v63

After The Beatles performed on the 9th of February on The Ed Sullivan Show, Rickenbacker and their director, F.Hall, made a decision to make available all models of their guitars for all the guitarists of The Beatles. This is why John received this model before the recordings of the second Ed Sullivan Show in Miami, Florida. It was a gift from the company, given with the purpose of helping to promote their guitars by The Beatles. This "Miami" model, as it`s called, is different from the v59 by the shape of the pickguard, an additional fifth knob and the Ac-cent vibrola arm. We may say, that this is one of the most famous instruments the group ever used. Fans can spot it in such famous movies like A HARD DAY`S NIGHT or HELP! and was also used at every concert of The Beatles first American tour.

We saw this little guitar for the first time when we were at the Beatlefest in 1998 in NYC. It took almost the next two years to set aside enough savings to be able to buy it. After its purchase, this "jangling" beauty became one of the most used instruments in our band.

Later on, we also purchased a wonderful Vox guitar strap, which was used by John too. This was a patent of D.Denney and T.Jennings from the Vox company in 1964. It is made of heavy metal plates so that it looks like the skin of a snake.

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