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Vox AC100 + T60 Rig
Vox AC100 + T60 Rig

We use the same combo as Paul used. A rig of AC-100 head and T-60 amplifiers.
Vox AC100 + T60 Rig

Paul use to play through an old, shabby speakerbox which was nicknamed "the coffin." It was a simple wooden box loaded with a 15" Goodman speaker. This bass rig had been made for Paul by The Big Three guitarist Adrian Barber in Liverpool. A Selmer Truvoice combo was used as an amplifier. This was all back in 1961. During the very first test recording sessions for EMI in London, the group`s manager, Brian Epstein, was advised to come with useful amplifiers or he may face the loss of a recording contract.

Brian decided to contact the Vox company to strike a deal to supply The Beatles with the best amplifiers they produce. At the beginning, they sent some of the Vox AC30s. Later, Paul received a T-60 bass rig. It consisted of a loudspeaker box with two 12" and 15" AlNiCo speakers and it`s one of the premiere transistor amplifiers ever made. Unfortunately, the amplifier did not prove to be a good choice. After a certain amount of time during a concert, some of the germanium made transistors would start to malfunction more than normal. This is why Paul replaced this unusable piece with an AC-30 amp head. This may have been seen at a Royal Variety Performance in 1963.

In the picture, you may see a bass rig which was used by Paul as the next combination. It is an 80 watt tube amp, powered by" 4x EL34 and 3x ECC 83s. Thanks to Gary at North Coast Music and background information from Ted Bureaux, we were able to reconstruct the same amplifier, with all the original parts, duplicating Paul`s original amp precisely.


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