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message from: Karen McCrorie date: 08-Jan-2017 time: 21:51 

We seen the group at the Heineken Tour in Amsterdam. Would they ever perform in the UK. How much would it cost for them to come to Glasgow in April for a 21st birthday. Thank you

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message from: Jana date: 07-Dec-2016 time: 12:19 

Dear Backwards, as fellow people who comment it here, I decided to write in English, so even non Slovaks (or Czechs) can understand. Thank you for your concert in Stará Ľubovňa yesterday. You were absolutely amazing! The music you played and your incredible voices, which totally fascinated me (how can there be a group of people, who have such similar voices with original Beatles?), it all created a perfect atmosphere! I enjoyed it like never before. My only greater experience with the Beatles music was at concert of Sir Paul McCartney live. You are number one! Thanks once again and greetings from Stará Ľubovňa.

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message from: Silvie Volfová date: 25-Nov-2016 time: 10:40 

Dear boys, even though I am Czech, I decided to write in English as I can see that others follow, so everybody can understand. I remember you seeing in Písek about 5 years ago. I fell in love with your positive attitude and professionality immediately. Last Monday you came to Písek again! Thank you for that. I took my best friend this time, it was her birthday and I gave her the ticket to your concert as a b-day present. You made her cry! With happiness, of course! I want to let you know that you are not as good as 5 years ago. You are even better. Your show has funny moments, so many costume changes. And your English is sooooo good! I love the music of the Beatles and I love you for that their music lives on! All four of you are great and look so good to - how come that you do not age! You look in your twenties. How can you be on the stage for 20 years! Unbelievable! Thank you for everything!!! Silvie

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message from: Petra date: 31-Oct-2016 time: 09:03 

Thank you very much for another amazing Beatles experience in Prague. I was bathing in the beautiful unique music perfectly interpreted by you. Enjoyed it so much I can not tell you how much I did. I go to your Prague concert every year and am looking forward to your drop in Prague next year. I am so happy you exist and thanks to you I can relish Beatles music live, not only from records. :-D

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message from: Paul and Laurie date: 28-Aug-2016 time: 21:53 

My 7 year old son is a huge Beatles fan and really enjoyed the videos he saw of your shows. He asked me to write you a message... He says: Would you please play in Berlin in 2016 or 2017. It would be great to see you play a concert. Laurie

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message from: Charles date: 19-Mar-2016 time: 03:53 

i remember seeing you guys back in 09 when you came to Pittsburgh Pa, USA. Wonderful experience, hope you make your way back to this side of the world someday.

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message from: R.Šimek date: 28-Nov-2015 time: 17:02 

Thank you for the unforgettable experience in Svitavy on 25th November. The second part of the perfomance was, simply speaking, fantastic ! After the concert I´ve sat late night and could not sleep- when I closed my eyes I heard real Beatles. One more thank, you were really great !!! I hope see you soon, Radek

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message from: Jirka date: 23-Oct-2015 time: 08:39 

Thank you for an amazing experience at your concert in Jablonec. You were simply GREAT!!! - as always. A pitty that the theather is not so convenient for dancing, because it is hard to keep the body seated:-) Best wishes and looking forward to see you soon again!

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message from: Hans Dieter Zimpelmann date: 22-Oct-2015 time: 14:49 

I was yesterday by your concert in Ceska Lipa. Also 8 Years before in the same city. Your show is the best what i see ever. I will say thankyou to this wonderfull concert. Iam happy, to see you next in a other location. Thanks that you make me happy. Dieter from Doksy close to Ceska Lipa

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message from: Livie date: 07-Oct-2015 time: 20:00 

All too hysterical, I was just 1 year old when they bemcae world famous. Beatles for Sale? I never heard of this album too funny. Dressed in Black This song wOw! Who would dare the Beatles could do anything!Thankfully they did!

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message from: Cristy date: 07-Oct-2015 time: 17:44 

(me)oh the beatles were so sweet with each other many peploe (obviously not me) think that for the scene in 9:36 john was gay it was his BFFFFFFFFFF in ALL THE WORLD! THEY OBVIOUSLY LOVE EACH OTHER ALLOT BUT NOT ASS A COUPLE!!so u idiots who think their gay, shut up please . thats why they married WOMEN

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message from: Viki date: 07-Oct-2015 time: 16:30 

yes.. (as i always say) they were MORE than mates MORE than btheorrs AND MORE THAN SOUL MATES!! and besides, they were just kids!! my youngest teacher is just 28, AND AT THAT TIME, THE BEATLES WERE ALREADY SPLITIN UP!! so at THAT time, they were max. 23 .and when you are young (like me ) youre just thinkin of your BFFs, and your band, and maybe your girlfriend/boyfriend . BUT NEVER EVER OF A GAY RELATIONSHIP!

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message from: Manuela date: 28-Jun-2015 time: 10:06 

June 26 - Steyr - a great performance of yours!!!!! Truely amazing!!!!! I always was a great fan of that music and felt pushed back for decades. The sound of the Beatles is back!

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message from: Don Rosinski date: 21-Mar-2015 time: 02:59 

Old Beatles fan here, Having heard you only on line, I think you have the most original sound of any of the Beatles Revival Bands out question is, will you ever be in the US again and will you think about Boston or Worcester Mass.

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message from: Rory date: 28-Feb-2015 time: 04:37 

When do you come to pittsburgh,pa

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message from: frank date: 29-Jan-2015 time: 14:15 

Congratulations boys, amazing tuning, voice and instruments, you realize ... it was very surprised when I heard you and even more so, are the SK. I thought you were American or British; I heard and saw, several beatles cover .... but supereram all. cover band. as they say in Brazil: put all in your Pocket

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message from: Mirka date: 01-Jun-2014 time: 21:27 

Najúžasnejšia show v Krupine! Veľmi som si to užila a musím povedať že ste naozaj skvelí. Dúfam že sa vidíme niekedy v Decembri. Pozdravujem z KA!

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message from: Karin date: 26-Apr-2014 time: 13:57 

Perfektný koncert v Košiciach! Doživotný zážitok, akoby sme boli na naozajstných Beatles. Super sme si zaspievali a zatancovali :) Teším sa na Vás v Decembri!

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message from: Alan West date: 11-Apr-2014 time: 11:52 

Saw you last night in Praha, for the second time. Brilliant, and Congratulations for an amazing evening, and thanks for reviving wonderful memories of my boyhood heroes back in England when Twist and Shout was released, and She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah Yeah (Jo, Jo, Jo.) You are Great!! Thanks again and Very Best Wishes.

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message from: Bernd Sebor date: 24-Mar-2014 time: 08:50 

Fantastic show in Austria on saturday evening! Cheers! Bernd Sebor / McCartney Group

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