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message from: Don Rosinski date: 21-Mar-2015 time: 02:59 

Old Beatles fan here, Having heard you only on line, I think you have the most original sound of any of the Beatles Revival Bands out question is, will you ever be in the US again and will you think about Boston or Worcester Mass.

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message from: Rory date: 28-Feb-2015 time: 04:37 

When do you come to pittsburgh,pa

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message from: frank date: 29-Jan-2015 time: 14:15 

Congratulations boys, amazing tuning, voice and instruments, you realize ... it was very surprised when I heard you and even more so, are the SK. I thought you were American or British; I heard and saw, several beatles cover .... but supereram all. cover band. as they say in Brazil: put all in your Pocket

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message from: Mirka date: 01-Jun-2014 time: 21:27 

Najúžasnejšia show v Krupine! Veľmi som si to užila a musím povedať že ste naozaj skvelí. Dúfam že sa vidíme niekedy v Decembri. Pozdravujem z KA!

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message from: Karin date: 26-Apr-2014 time: 13:57 

Perfektný koncert v Košiciach! Doživotný zážitok, akoby sme boli na naozajstných Beatles. Super sme si zaspievali a zatancovali :) Teším sa na Vás v Decembri!

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message from: Alan West date: 11-Apr-2014 time: 11:52 

Saw you last night in Praha, for the second time. Brilliant, and Congratulations for an amazing evening, and thanks for reviving wonderful memories of my boyhood heroes back in England when Twist and Shout was released, and She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah Yeah (Jo, Jo, Jo.) You are Great!! Thanks again and Very Best Wishes.

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message from: Bernd Sebor date: 24-Mar-2014 time: 08:50 

Fantastic show in Austria on saturday evening! Cheers! Bernd Sebor / McCartney Group

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message from: Martijn date: 18-Feb-2014 time: 11:01 

Hello, I am writing you regarding a request that I have. My father in law is a huge fan of the Backwards and goes to several concerts each year. Myself I experience you once in Prague and it was a great concert! I think it would be great when I could surprise him with a pciture of you with your signatures and when possible the text: "Pro Jaroslav" Would this be possible? Of course I am happy to pay for postage costs when needed. Big thanks in advance and am looking forward to hear!

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message from: Jimmy Goldhawk date: 15-Feb-2014 time: 08:06 

I was at your concert last night in Bratislava. You blew me away, what a performance. It was great to see such a range of ages in the audiences, from teenage girls to men in their seventies, all of whom having a great time. I look forward to seeing you again. Keep on rocking.

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message from: Grubi date: 08-Dec-2013 time: 13:56 

Hi guys, I experienced your show for the first time in my life in Brno on Thursday in Rubin and I must admit it was absolutely great! You took the audience back to 1964, people were having a great time, they were singing, laughing and enjoying your songs. Thanks so much for such a great experience, I am proud of you folks! I am proud we have such a musical group in Slovakia, you just rock! Wish you the best and I hope to see you soon, can't wait :) Veronika SVK

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message from: Zdenka Woodward date: 19-Nov-2013 time: 22:51 

During my visit to my home town from the UK, Jablonec nad Nisou, I took my friend Helena to see your concert on 19th November in the town theater. Fantastic evening, truly amazing. We are both retired but we sang and enjoyed ourselves with the rest of the theater and it was packed. Nezapomenutelny vecer, Gentlemen, thank you very much. We felt we were watching the real Beatles. You are fantastic performers, great singers and musicians - congratulations. Zdenka - 64 & Helena - 74

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message from: Kevin date: 10-Nov-2013 time: 01:58 

Come back soon to the United States

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message from: Laurence Hill date: 06-Oct-2013 time: 21:05 

Hello there! I was at the theatre in Pisek the last time you played , and am so looking forward to seeing you again October 17th!! The energy and work you put into your concerts is amazing...easily the best concert I have been to in my 51 years of life!! When I was a boy in Great Britain I grew up listening to The Beatles.I remember the first song I sang along to is Penny there any chance of performing it this time in Pisek,please? Best wishes Laurence Hill

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message from: Sevcikovci date: 14-Sep-2013 time: 09:21 

We really enjoyed your concert in Kezmarok. We have already seen your performance once (in Aquacity Poprad) and we were very impressed both times. In my opinion, you are the best Slovakian band. Thank to you, I started to love Beatles music. Hope you'll come back soon. If I could wish something, I would like to hear Don't Let Me Down instead of Obla-di Obla-da :) next time. Thank you for great show.

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message from: Andrea date: 12-Sep-2013 time: 22:37 

Dear Backwards, I have just come back home from your concert in Kezmarok which took place in the courtyard of Kezmarok castle. It was raining all the time but we did not mind at all, people were sitting with umbrellas or standing and dancing along the benches. And when Dali as John played "Imagine", it stopped raining. All the umbrellas were put away during this song... Then the rain came again. Thank You for a wonderful show!

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message from: Shawn Wylie date: 19-Aug-2013 time: 21:59 

One of my favorite Beatles tribute band. Saw you i Louisville each time you came. Wish you could come to America again. Love you guys.

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message from: Jindrich Tolar date: 05-Aug-2013 time: 16:49 

Panove byl jsem na Vas jiz nekolikrat naposledy tuto sobotu v Chysi. Udelejte neco s tim zvukem. Vzhledem k tomu, ze pouzivate temer stejne nastroje i aparaturu jako Beatles, tak jsem ocekaval i stejny sound. Vysledny zvuk z PA Vasi snahu definitivne pohrbil. Jinak to mate zmakle dokonale. Diky. Jindra

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message from: Lisa date: 20-Jul-2013 time: 16:41 

Hi, I just wanna thank for your performance and ask one question. There was some female performer singin' The Beatles (in a jazz mood or something) trough speakers before your akt - could you please tell me her name? I would love to hear her again and you too, of course (doesn't need saying).

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message from: Andrijew_W date: 24-Jun-2013 time: 07:25 

Wiskitno to jedno z najpikniejszych dzkich osiedli, na ktre warto czsto zagldac, z uwagi na jego niepowtarzalne walory turystyczne.

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message from: Johannes date: 28-Apr-2013 time: 14:57 

Ich habe euch im GrandCasino in Asch spielen h?ren. Super Band, super Sound. Sehr gut gemacht. Gr????e Jo

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